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in Mainline, Delaware County, Montgomery County & Philadelphia areas.

I specialize in seamless patches, full ceilings, and entire rooms. Any size job. I am fully insured, offer free estimates and no money exchanged until job completed to customers satisfaction. I have 25 years of experience and have worked in over 6,000 homes and businesses throughout the Mainline, Delaware County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia areas. I also have worked in many of the local school districts and churches throughout. My business is built around customer satisfaction, my goal is to build a business relationship with my customers. I am confident that every job for my customers is done to the quality I would do in my own home. Many references, just ask and I would be glad to give you the information to contact repeating customers. I am reliable, dependable, and honest. Phone calls and emails will be returned within 24 hours.

Customer Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed


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We are one of very few companies that still exist that offers interior plastering. We still apply conventional plastering which consists of galvanized metal lath or 3/8” rocklath which has a special fiber paper. The fibers open up when our structo-lite base coat comes into contact with it locking the plaster to it in place. Next we apply 2 to 3 coats of structo-lite base coat known as the brown coat Then we apply 2 to 3 coats of a hydrated finish lime and gauging plaster mixture which is known as the white coat.


When we do our exterior stucco we meet or exceed all requirements from the townships code department. Although there are many good stucco companies out there please be aware that there are many who cut corners by not putting the appropriate amount of cement, by using cheaper metal lath or by stapling the metal instead of nailing to save time. They are the reason so many people with newer houses that have stucco are having problems as early as the first 3 years. We install 2 layers of “D” paper (vapor barrier). Next we install 2.5 gauge galvanized sulferring metal lath, then apply 2 to 3 coats of cement base coat to approximately 7/8” thick.

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